Get started in 3 easy steps:


VIDEN has an Efficient, Extendable & Easy-to-use API

Easy to use

Our work-flow makes VIDEN, an easy-to-use encoding tool. It is simple and transparent. Upload your media and watch us make it globally accessible across all devices!


Transcoding on the fly makes VIDEN a must have for video based projects. Send multiple files simultaneously and check how our state-of-the-art queue server handles it. VIDEN also has APIs to automate the entire video process flow.

Store and Deliver

VIDEN also includes services for delivery of encoded media files. VIDEN is integrated with a CDN enabled cloud for an uninterrupted streaming experience for your customers.

UI / Admin Panel

VIDEN enables you to monitor your entire encoding workflow through a comprehensive user interface. The VIDEN UI provides a complete visual workflow in your login account, including financials.

Request for Automation

VIDEN provides clients with an opportunity to automate their entire video process flow with our API services. If you need any assistance in automation or if you want us to automate it for you, feel free to fill out the form.